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Karmelka Nails

Our collaboration started through the website check service where I could give her tips on how to increase her visibility with her new services that she offered for a past few weeks. Karmelka Nails decided to go with a website, where people can find her workshops, book and pay for it. Thanks to SEO, clients can find her and her workshops much easier and thanks to Google Business Location, she gets even more exposure.

The main colors which I used express (bordo) Karmelka Nails love and passion to what she does and (beige) her flexibility, warmth and calmness. For the most important content, I decide to go with font Lora (calligraphic-feel) to make it noticeable and eye-catching. For the rest of the content I decide to use Montserrat, it is a popular font that can be paired with almost all fonts, and the most important they say this font creates trust. All the photos were taken by Karmelka Nails and present her hard work.

  • Payment integration
  • SEO
  • Business advice
  • Web design
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