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Cat and wood concentrates on a product made in Scandinavian style. The goal of this website was to present the product and show its advantages. The home page is a “one pager” where you can find almost everything about the product. Thanks to the clean design the website and the customer path is clear (it means that a visitor knows exactly where to click to find the product or read more about the company). Moreover, the website is built for 6 countries where the languages and currencies are adjusted based on a visitor’s country, and in the top right corner it is possible to switch between countries manually.

For this project I used “earth” colours to emphases the natural wooden look of the product, but at the same time create a clear psychological color-action connection where the green colour invites the visitor to take action and click on the button. Additionally, looking at the light design of the website, I decide to use the Oswald font for the headings to keep everything calm and clear. For the rest of the content, open sans is used which is a friendly and easy to read font, plus it fits perfectly with the whole design.

  • Web design
  • Payment integration
  • Multilingual - 6 countries
  • Different currencies
  • Newsletter/e-mail marketing
  • Live chat
  • Logo
  • Photoshop and video
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