I want to talk about one of the possibilities of earning money online and explain to you how it really works. I will talk about affiliate marketing – earning commission by promoting products or services. I divided this content into 5 posts to make it clear and not overwhelming.

Something about me…

I worked in one of the affiliate networks in the international department being responsible for the International clients (such as Sephora, Trivago, AliExpress) and International publishers (starting with technological publishers through voucher code websites and bloggers). One of the successful moments in my affiliate marketing career was when the campaign that I managed from the beginning won an award for the best managed campaign in the Middle East in 2018.

I understand the advertisers’ needs and publishers’ struggles. Therefore, I decided to start sharing my knowledge and experience with you!

The creativity is the only thing that can stop you from using affiliate marketing on your website.

List of advertisers

To make it clear for you, below you can see examples of advertisers. Usually, advertisers can be a webshop where there is a basket or there is a possibility to sign up, for example, for a paid subscription. Many companies from different industries work with affiliate marketing, for example, clothing, beauty, fitness, retail, health insurance, freelance websites, banks etc.

List of publishers

You can become a publisher, someone that promotes advertisers’ products. To give you an idea what kind of publishers exist in the affiliate world, I prepared a short list:

List of affiliate marketing networks

An affiliate network is a middle person between advertisers and publishers that connects both parties. Below you can see examples of affiliate networks:

There are also networks that concentrate on niche markets, for example:

  • Health and fitness
  • Forex
  • Dating
  • Casino
  • Web hosting
  • Finance

You can easily find an affiliate network by searching it in Google.

How to become a publisher?

To start creating a passive income, you need to apply for affiliate networks by filling in the sign-up form on their websites. BECOMING A PUBLISHER IS ALWAYS FREE! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING. YOUR ROLE IS TO BRING SALES FOR ADVERTISERS. Next, your account will be evaluated by an affiliate network. Make sure to make it clear how you want to promote their advertisers.

Once you are accepted as a publisher in one of the affiliate networks, you can on the dashboard of this affiliate marketing network (where you will get access to) apply for advertisers (in the affiliate marketing jargon – apply for campaigns) that you want to promote. Advertisers will have to evaluate you as a publisher. Once you are accepted you can promote an advertiser by using creatives such as banners, consumer offers, voucher codes, product feeds, text links etc.

To start working with affiliate marketing you need to have a website or a social media account with many followers where you will encourage them to buy a product via your channel. If you don’t have a website yet, I invite you to read my previous posts. They will help you build your own website:

Next posts about affiliate marketing coming soon!