When using images on your website it’s not just a random selection. You can use your own images or download them online. Remember that you are not allowed to use whatever picture you find online. There are some websites where you can download a picture for free without copyrights, for example, https://pixabay.com/.

Image quality

When downloading a photo make sure what size you need. A photo with high resolution uploaded on your WordPress website will influence the page speed. Therefore, check what resolution you need, not to influence your page speed.

Image responsiveness

Visualize how the image will look on each device (laptop, tablet, smartphone). Below I want to show you a great example of a banner. The first banner, it is an original banner that meets all the client’s expectations but when using this banner on the phone, the bird and text would not be fully visible. Therefore, the second banner shows a solution.

The first image you can see that the bird is pretty far away from the cage, if the bird wasn’t adjusted, the bird won’t be visible on the phone. Therefore, the bird had to be moved closer to the cage to make sure the banner still looks good.

Both banners are used on the website, the first banner is disabled on smartphones and the second one is allowed on smartphones. In that way, you can adjust the content per device.

Image selection

A picture is worth a thousand words

When you think about your website design, think about your website as about your living room. When you decorate your living room, you think about the colours, details, size of your coach etc. Think the same way about your website. What feelings you want to create when someone visits your website?

Thus, when deciding on banners make sure it expresses what you want and that it fits with the whole website “interior”.