10 reasons why having a website can add value to your activities and save your time! Nowadays, online world offers many (free) solutions, which can optimize your working time, take care of the satisfaction of your customers, encourage your customers to return, introduce your brand to suspects or just simply automate the communication flow!

Who doesn’t want to save time and money in a long term?

Everyone! Right?

Read below 10 reasons why you should consider having your own website.

1. Clients reach

You can reach clients across the globe. If you concentrate on one country or one city now, you can easily change it. Your website can be in several languages, allowing you to expand your reach.

2. Credibility and reliability

During competitive times, credibility and reliability are crucial to a company’s image. Before clients decide to purchase an item/schedule a call, they will first check your website, your level of transparency and your reviews. If a client can read more about an offer, see other finalized projects or products, read other peoples’ opinion, his trust increases what influences his decision-making process.

3. Communication flow

Your website is a business card for your company, meaning it’s an easy and transparent way to get in touch with you. It can be done through a fill in form, online chat or WhatsApp.

4. Strong content

Your website has to perform and deliver sales, sing-ups or calls. To make sure that your website achieves its goal, the content needs to be well-thought. The way you present your offer, your company and yourself play a vital role when convincing a visitor to yourself. User-friendliness and responsive design influence your website performance, too.
You can include any information you want to share with your potential clients. You don’t have any limitations in terms of content, images or videos! It’s a place where people can get to know you and your business better.

You might think:

‘I have a Facebook page and I post there my work and what I do’

Yes, it’s great, but the role of social media is to encourage customers to like, follow or share your posts. A website is a place where you can, step by step, take your visitors through the information that you want them to read/see. Websites are not built out of the blue! You must think like your visitors, what you would like to know first or what questions may be asked, etc. Each site has a different objective. You may think, ok if I sell physical products the goal is to sell my products but what if I am a hairdresser? The focus can vary depending on the industry and the company, you can focus on encouraging customers to make appointments, building trust, offering a newsletter where you can share your offers, news and discounts. There are many available possibilities.

5. Online marketing

Have you ever thought that having a website it is a one time investment? A one-time investment to benefit from online opportunities. Allowing someone to build your website is a once-in-a-lifetime cost. What are you getting out of it? An online marketing opportunity for your business. You may be found in Google, you may be displayed in Google Location as the nearest service which is searched by society or make use of other online marketing solutions.

6. Availability

A website is available 24/7. Everyone can visit your website, look around, find answers to their questions, learn more about your service, schedule a call or contact you.

7. Online existence

Nowadays, all companies from each industry have their own websites. Even small or one person businesses, they have their own websites! Having a website, it’s a must factor that influences if your company will grow its presence online or not.
Nowadays, people search a company name in search engines and get results. If you have your own website and SEO (search engine optimization) done, visitors will find you easily in the online world.

8. Analysis

Through your website, you can better understand your prospects. When creating a website, you can use a third-party tool to analyse your web visitors, their age, gender, location and whence they come to your website (Facebook, google, direct). When you have more marketing channels, you can get an overview of all the channels and see where there is room for improvement.

9. Online assistant

A well-designed website will save your time. A website is your business assistant who answers the questions, teaches, presents an offer and supports a potential client when diving into the values of your brand. When you don’t have a website, you have to take care of each question, each offer…. You waste your time on something what can be easily delegated to your website, and you can use that time more productive.

10. Process automation

You can automate the process by using your website and at the same time, save your time for other tasks, for example:

  • create a page with frequently asked questions
  • automatically send an order confirmation with manual
  • upload on your website documents to download
  • schedule a call


Having your own website it is a solid first step for your business online presence. With the passion and love for business, with the mission to help others, eFirstSteps is a safe starting point to take first steps in online world for small businesses.

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